The buyers-only curated peer-to-peer organization focused exclusively on leaders who source technology and technology-enabled services

Peer Wisdom for Sourcing Leaders

It’s simple. You need impartial, honest advice from a curated group of your true peers to help you make the right decisions, reduce risk and excel while Sourcing.

Impartial and Honest Advice

You need a group of buyers with a strong desire to contribute and participate who will speak and freely share their insight and experiences. Peers who want you to succeed and be better at your job.

Too many organizations have too much influence from sponsors, vendors and analysts. You want unbiased and impartial exchanges with your peers where you can ask, dig deeper and learn, without being sold.

Group of True Peers

For a group to be effective for you, it needs to have members who are your true peers. They have the same job, address similar scope, face the same challenges, make similar choices and encounter a diverse set of experiences in your space.

Reduced Risk

Sourcing leaders face many risks while sourcing, including vendor risk, market risk, location risk, emerging technology risk and project risk. To reduce these risks, you need the credibility and confidence that comes from external validation by a strong peer group. You need to leverage this often and throughout your career.

Excel At Sourcing

You need to be able to tap the collective intelligence and peer wisdom of other leaders who occupy the same space as you to help you make better sourcing decisions. You also need to be a strategic contributor while enabling great execution.

And, you need this not just four times or once a year, you need this on tap!

What you get

A curated group of actively participating true peers with timely and relevant peer interactions.

We are 100% large company buyers only - no providers or consultants

Each member is from the buy-side and in the same job as yours. No vendors, advisors or analysts can be members.

We are 100% technology and business services sourcing only

We focus on only one category-technology and technology enabled services (Software, Digital Technologies, Automation, IT, Business Services and Technology-enabled Services). This focus and our highly skilled professional moderators and council managers keep the conversations relevant to all members.

Honest and candid advice and insight from true peers

Buyers speak freely because there’s no selling. All conversations are covered by strict confidentiality rules (Chatham House Rule), and members are true peers who want you to succeed and be better at your job. You get unfettered, unbiased, 100% true peer wisdom.

Members Control the Content - We Moderate to Ensure it

Our members control the content of conversations in all of the Sourcing Sessions. If it’s important to you, it’s covered. Facilitated by professional moderators, there’s no time wasted on irrelevant topics. Your interactions are efficient and effective and most importantly timely and relevant.

Get what you need

The goal is simply to make you a better Leader at Sourcing and enable you to provide greater value to your company.

We build better groups by being very selective

Every member is carefully screened before joining. We strive to create diversity of experience within the community so that it can be an enriching experience for all with a high payoff.

We provide multiple curated avenues to access peer wisdom

We call them Spark Sessions. Members participate in professionally curated private online LinkedIn forum, monthly calls, special topic meetings for multiple ways to learn, ask and contribute. We professionally curate the Spark Sessions by facilitating member interactions and then selecting, organizing, and presenting member created content and information in a way that maximizes the value of peer wisdom for our members. Learn more about Spark Sessions.

So you can do your job with less risk and more credibility and confidence than ever before

Because your true peers share:

  • Current leading practices
  • Unbiased experiences
  • Action oriented advice
  • Emerging technology trends, reviews and analysis
  • Smart, tested solutions to unique sourcing challenges
  • You reduce your vendor risk, market risk, location risk, emerging technology risk and project risk. You stay on top of new trends and compliance and legal issues.

Allowing you to do a better job:

  • Building and/or refreshing your sourcing strategy
  • Leveraging the right suppliers
  • Building and managing your team
  • Evaluating automation, emerging technologies and suppliers
  • Reducing run costs while accelerating innovation
  • Measuring contribution and value generated
  • Serving and supporting internal customers
  • Ensuring appropriate risk management and compliance
  • Evaluating and leveraging new market capabilities

Spark Sessions

As a member, you have multiple opportunities to tap the collective intelligence and peer wisdom of the
SourcingExecutives.org membership.


If you have a pressing problem or immediate need for critical information and want to talk, we will help facilitate it. While you can always tap the online forums, we can help you setup a one-to-one or small group call to address a need quickly.

Online Forum

If you have a pressing problem or immediate need for critical information, that’s what the LinkedIn private members-only online forum is for. Members post their question or need and their SourcingExecutives.org peers quickly help them out by sharing their advice, experiences and/or knowledge.

* Remember all member interactions are covered by the strict membership confidentiality agreement. There are no vendors or advisors allowed so advice given is unbiased, relevant and reliable.

Monthly Discussion

Once a month, members participate in discussions via web with audio, white board and breakout capabilities. Members control the conversation in the discussions. The moderators ensure that all discussions are timely and relevant to the issues members are dealing with this month. This is the perfect time to ask the group questions on challenges you are currently facing or help out other members by sharing your knowledge or experience regarding other member’s current challenges or needs.

Adhoc Meetings*

Each year, there may be one to three adhoc meetings and one annual symposium. Remember, unlike most conferences there’s no vendors, no sponsorships, and absolutely no selling. You are able to freely network with your fellow members in person. Just like the forums and the monthly discussions, members control the conversation, but during these meetings, members have the ability to go more in-depth. These meetings are great places to learn, but we do them in interesting and fun locations, and make sure that there is time for members to mingle.
* Registration fee required

In A Nutshell

The annual learning, development and peer engagement investment of US$5000 provides you

  • A membership on one of our Peer groups (Each group is limited to 50)
  • 1 seat for each company’s senior-most sourcing leader in a Peer group. Additional seats can be purchased.
  • 12 Spark Session peer calls per annum
  • Adhoc Member Special Topic calls
  • Unlimited questions and real-time answers on our member private LinkedIn Forum
  • We facilitate benchmarking on key metrics
  • The best support and service from a member organization you have ever experienced
  • A Service Guarantee
  • 1
    1 Seat in a Peer group
  • 12
    Spark Session Calls
  • 2-4
    Special Topic Sessions
  • Unlimited
    One-on-One Connects
  • Peer Group Online Forum
  • Amazing Service

* Our service guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your member benefits after participating in 4 spark sessions, cancel it prior to the 5th session and you will receive a full refund. Invest in your growth.



Access to the wisdom of your true peers 24X7, 365 days a year (+1 in leap years)
Infinite opportunity to plug into an unbiased, private and confidential organization of your peers for advice
Get actionable, real-time advice to realize better outcomes and lower risks
Get ONLY a few hours' worth of advice or counsel

If you are not completely satisfied with your member benefits after participating in 4 sourcing sessions, cancel it prior to the 5th session and you will receive a full refund. We mean every word of it. Whatever. Whenever. Always. But to make sure this is perfectly clear, we’ve decided to simplify it further. GUARANTEED. Period.

Some of the peers you’ll meet

Because of our careful screening process, every SourcingExecutives.org member is a leader sourcing technology and/or technology-enabled services at a large company. Every one of your peers occupies the same space and deals with the challenges associated with your job every single day.

Tapping into the collective intelligence and wisdom of my SourcingExecutives.org peers is especially powerful for me. I especially appreciate the curation. SourcingExecutives.org is a sounding board — a place to test my thinking and ideas, to ask questions with supportive peers who are there to help.

- VP Sourcing, F100 Life Sciences

In SourcingExecutives.org, I am among true peers who have experienced similar challenges as buyers at large companies. I benefit greatly from exposure to their thinking, the problems they've solved and the mistakes they've made. I do my job with more credibility and confidence.

- VP Product Management, Leading Technology Firm

Why waste my company’s resources reinventing the wheel when I can easily learn through my SourcingExecutives.org peers how other large company’s buyers have already solved the same problem or determined the right suppliers to leverage or how to leverage new market capabilities or even how to build and manage my team.

- Head of IT Sourcing, Global Media Firm

Through interactions with my SourcingExecutives.org peers, it is easier than ever to keep up to date with the latest thinking, best practices and solutions when buying technology and technology-enabled services. Through the SourcingExecutives.org forums, I get answers to my queries in a fraction of the time it would take my team to do the research ourselves.

- Head of Sourcing, F500 Retail


Here’s what happens next:

"Get to Know You" Call

After you complete the contact form below, we will set up a call with you to discuss in greater detail how SourcingExecutives.org works and your role as a potential member.

Do provide us your details by scrolling down. You will find the contact form in the page below.

Ensuring Fit

During this initial call, we will also get to know you – your role, your team and the role your team plays in your organization. It’s part of our Selective Sourcing process to make sure that we select the right members for SourcingExecutives.org.

To qualify for SourcingExecutives.org membership, you must be a leader who sources technology and/or technology-enabled services at a large company/operation in the US or Canada. We screen for focus, size, seniority, and participation for good fit.

Help You Join

If we mutually agree through our Selective Sourcing process that you are good fit for SourcingExecutives.org, we will help you build a case for company approval, if necessary. We have helped many of our members do this already.

No upsell. There is an annual membership education fee per person (US$2500) and additionally, you only pay a registration fee for the event you attend. Nothing else!

Start Benefiting

Once your membership is approved, we will start your onboarding process so that you can quickly experience the benefits of SourcingExecutives.org.

I Want In: Contact Form

We look forward to meeting you. Tell us about yourself, and we will be in touch soon.

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Our Story Starts with our Founder

“There is no substitute for “PEER WISDOM”. A great network is indispensable for building a long and successful career. I have greatly benefitted from the wisdom of my peers, and want to enable these opportunities for other leaders.”

Atul Vashistha Moderator, SourcingExecutives.org

After serving as VP of International Business for Cardinal Health, I founded my first company, neoIT, in 1999, Neo Group in 2007 and Supply Wisdom in 2010. In that period, I wrote three books on the subject of sourcing; The Offshore Nation, Globlization Wisdom and Outsourcing Wisdom.
SourcingExecutives.org is a culmination of my experiences and a personal goal to enable leaders to benefit from the collective wisdom of their peers.
I have also greatly benefited by being a board member of the Defense Business Board (US DoD) since 2007. Great leaders foucus on contributions, not on what they get. I see this every day from fellow board members and leaders. The get happens as they give.
Since 2003 I have greatly benefited from being a member of Young Presidents Organization (ypo.org); an international group of CEOs. The greatest value is delivered via forums; the small groups of peers that meet regulary and function as your personal board of advisors. They have advised me on my personal, family and professional life, including SourcingExecutives.org
Over the years, I have served on the boards of USA DoD, IAOP, SA and NEA. These associations were and continue to be great learning and support for me.