12/6 Bi-Monthly Call

12/6 Bi-Monthly Call

Meeting ID: 13

Join: https://zoom.us/j/4157877337 or

Dial: +16465588656,4157877337#

Please join both audio and web


1. How will Brexit and the Trump Presidency impact global sourcing

2. Scorecards:

РWhat are key components of your scorecards? Share screen shots/examples

– What have you added/deleted over time (with maturity of relationship, learning from past etc)?

– Who does it? How do you share it?

– Are there any “rewards” or “penalties” associated with having good or not so good scores?

– How do you effectively use scorecards in managing relationships?

3. Risk:

– Do you have a supplier risk management program?

– What kinds of risks do you monitor?

– How do you govern for risks?

– What risks you have had to manage that are generally not discussed?